Sustainability & Impact

Every purchase has an economic, environmental and social impact.

At The Good Good, we are capturing those impacts to make intentional positive contributions, using business as a force for good. 

We are on a mission.
The Good Good is a certified social enterprise. 50% of profits are donated to programs that help disadvantaged kids get access to education. You wouldn't read about it!
After our first year of operation, we've been able to provide 21 kids with access to culturally appropriated books, in their local language. 

We are looking after your health. 
No need to be a turtle to be intoxicated with plastic. People eat a 'credit card' size worth of plastic each week. Part of it certainly comes from your tea bags. Our plastic-free teabags will certainly make some happy tummies.
Our tea bags are also heat sealed so there is no glue (often containing gluten) or chemicals floating around.

What's more, several studies have shown that most of the largest and well-known tea brands contain pesticides levels way above the legal threshold. There is considerable evidence that widely used pesticides may suppress immune responses to bacteria, viruses and tumours, making people significantly more vulnerable to disease. That is why The Good Good is so strongly committed to organic: better for your health, the farmers growing your tea and our soil and biodiversity.

Still talking about health, we do not hide any added sugar in our blends. Too many researches have proven the direct correlation between sugar and the skyrocketing number of cancers so we decided to let you have full control over the management of your daily sugar intake. We know we don't need to add sugar to get you addicted to our blends!

We do care about Mother Earth
We have been working so hard to source plastic-free and staple-free tea bags. Our packaging has been limited to the bare essentials and our tea bags are recyclable or biodegradable. By saving waste we protect our friends in the ocean. 

We love diversity
The Good Good is 50% Women Owned. 
What's more, we partner with a local social enterprise called Packforce for the preparation and shipping of our corporate orders. Packforce is member of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and employs Australian workers with disabilities. Not surprisingly, the team is very much able!


Positive impact is baked into each step of our value chain, from carefully choosing our suppliers and materials to using consumerism as a force for positive change. 

Our tea tastes better for our sippers, our planet and our community. 
Explore our range today and join us on the bright side.