Our story

The genesis

In the heart of Sydney, 2018, Elise and Dane shared three things: a flat, a belief that education should be a given for every Aussie kid, and a steely determination to do something about it. The Good Good Tea was steeped into existence!

We only source from organic and premium plantations; and even if our labels have been made on Powerpoint (you got to start somewhere), we can tell you that we're not kidding with the quality of our ingredients. - Elise's from France and trust us, oh là là she can spot a good flavor. 

More than just a tea, it's a pledge of sustainability and success. Think of it as your work coach, gently stirring you towards wellness and a 'get-it-done' kind of day. 

The rise

Quickly catching on, our brew became the go-to cuppa for sustainable companies and enlightened professionals across Australia.
SAP, Linkedin, Canva... all sipping The Good Good teas. 

The consecration

Even the Financial Review gave us a tip of the hat for our positive impact and sustainable partnerships. (and you know how they only talk about serious stuff)

Truth be told, our real buzz comes from knowing our teas are giving you the soothing break or the motivation boost you need, right when you need it.

Give our blends a go and drink responsibly!

Elise & Dane
The Good Good Co-Founders


The Good Good Co-Founders